The nonexistence of a tribe leader in Kuala Selangor gave the urge for Perak and Kedah to become the Penghulu there. Unfortunately,not one of the ones who came was accepted by the local folks.  This situation is different than Raja Lumu who were warmly accepted and recognize as the first Selangor's Yang Dipertuan Selangor .

Those who came there was only allowed to ground break and build residents along the Selangor River. Until now there are a few villages that still uses the name of the ground breaker,such as Kedah Village, Siam Village, Asahan and Kuantan Village.

Before this the attendance of Raja Lumu to Kuala Selangor, the name Selangor has already existed . This explanation came from a few locales. To know the origin of the name Selangor, a few oral stories can be obtained from residents of Permatang Village,Kuantan Village and Jeram.

Last Updated: Friday, 27 January 2023 - 8:10am