Oral Stories

There's a story about the name of Selangor and that is a bowfly,an insect that looks like a fly but is green in color. This story continue to explain that a warrior who came from the south was on the way to the north ini. The warrior came from Malacca who was at that time defeated by the Portuguese. He looked tired and rest under a tree. He didn't mange to shut his eye before a bowfly flew around his head .

Then the bowfly sat on his nose the warrior tried to slap it but it flew away . That's the scenario that happened a few times . With a vengeance the warrior decide that it will slap the blowfly with all his energy if it happens again. When the bowfly sat on his nose again,he slapped it with all his might but unfortunately the bowfly went away and left a painful mark on the bridge of his nose.

From that situation,everytime he hold his nose he will remember the bowfly. It came to his mind that he has never been defeated by anything before but he lost to a bowfly just like that. That incident raised his interest to explore the place and canceled his plans to travel further.The place was named se (satu) langau(blowfly), then to Selangor.

This story has similarities with the story of Singapore's name origin which started with SINGA PURA-PURA,an animal that gave a new name to Temasik. Same goes to the Malacca tree that invloved the incident with Sultan Mahmud Syah's dog that was carried by Wak Raja while hunting and overthrown into a well because kicked by a white mousedeer. When your highness sat alongside the Malacca tree,came about the name Malacca sempena.Others mentioned that the name Selangor originates from the abundance of mentangau tree, a type of sea wood .Actually the mentangau tree can still be found at the shore of Selangor River ini.

Other than that,there are other opinions that the mentangau wood trees,other than the abundance of it,it is a very tall type of wood and can be seen from the sea,until some traders said, "I stopover at kuala mentangau," the lisping of it became Selangor.

Moreover it is usual for people back then loving a name that was given from the name of a tree or an event there.A few villages in the district of Kuala Selangor came about from the name of trees. Examples : Villages like Assam Jawa , Api-api, Sungai Buluh, Bukit Rotan, Ijok.

Other places also originates from tree names,like Durian Sebatang, Durian Tunggal, Bagan Serai, Bukit Lada, Pulau pinang, Nibong Tebal and many more.

Another story says that an arc from Kedah to Selangor because the captain wanted to become the Penghulu there. This news came earlier to the people of  Kuala Selangor, and because of it,they find ways so that the entourage wouldn't be able to steer not far from the river confluent  that was being steered by the Kedah arc but it got stucked and couldn't budge. Many means were tried and nothing works. The captain instructs one of his crew to go to bottom of the river to find out what has made the arc not moving .

He found hundreds sticks of mentangau wood with narrow tips that was arranged interlacing the heart of the river. Supposedly it was done to stop the Kedah entourage from going forward to  the place. From that came the name mentangau river.

Other opinion is that Selangor came from the word salang and jemur. This is according to a place by the  Selangor river that was once a place to punish traitors with the salang punishment and was left to roast in the sun(jemur). The combination of both words salang and jemur created Selangor.Another opinion also mention the name of Selangor does originated from the word mentangau, but the story is different .

According to the story, someone who was thought to be a royal commander but his origins was unknown,after paddling by the river with his family,about 2 miles from the river confluent,there was an area where the water was spinning and convective.

However the commander kept going on his journey unti he met with a mentengau drift wood in the middle of the river that cause the water to be convective. If he crossed over,his boat will sank .

After negotiating with his family ,the commander ended his intention and explore the place. A few moments later,his daughter became a woman and a few men from the nearby village came for her hand in marriage but all was rejected.

Tamils named Salang ur which means a salang village,a village of salang people. This opinion can be matched with the origin of the name Singapore, which originates from SINGGAH PURA or SINGGAH TOWN in old Hindi language .

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